• Hemp Experts
  • Hemp Farmers (current and future)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Media
  • Educators
  • Industry Leaders
  • Medical Experts
  • Legislators / Policymakers

Why Exhibit?

The Farming Hemp Expo provides a platform for Hemp industry leaders and innovators to showcase the best this industry has to offer. We are proud to bring this platform to the East Coast / New England region. A unique opportunity as an Exhibitor is to meet other industry innovators and learn about the latest developments and trends. With several neighbor states embarking into the Hemp industry, the Farming Hemp Expo is a great platform to bring insight into this blossoming industry.


•    Stand out and be showcased to people just getting into this Blooming Industry.
•    75% of trade show attendees have buying authority.
•    Sponsors have a very high return on investment due to the direct targeting of people in need of those products and services.
•    Sponsoring shows new customers a sense of confidence that your company is stable in the industry.




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