The Farming Hemp Expo CBD/Hemp Competition is a contest to see who has the Best CBD/HEMP product in the country. All CBD/Hemp ingestible products will be lab-tested if applicable and human tested by chosen professional judges. Industrial HEMP products will also be tested with heat and cold stressing if applicable. We will also be judging the design of each CBD/HEMP product, we believe that presentation of products matters for consumer purposes. Good Luck to all who are COMPETING!

Final Submission Day is on NOVEMBER 20TH 2020

Award Show Day is on DECEMBER 11TH 2020


FLOWER – 2oz per entry

CONCENTRATE – 20 grams per entry

EDIBLE – 10 per entry

TINCTURES – 10 bottles per entry

TOPICAL – 10 jars of  2oz per jar per entry

CLOTHING/FABRIC – 5 fabric swatches 5×5 inches in size per entry

CONTAINER – 5 containers per entry

BUILDING MATERIAL – 5 Hempcrete bricks per entry or 5 wood panels 5×5 inches per entry

PACKAGE DESIGN – 5 per entry

Competition Fee is $100 per entry.

Once fee is paid, we will give you an address to either drop it off or mail in Entry.