Allowing Hemp growth will help farmers subsidize crops.

These black apples are worth $7 each but farmers don’t want to grow them for this reason

We’ve all heard the notion that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and it’s fair to say that the apple is one of the most popular fruits out there. After all, they are easy to eat, you can grab one on the go, and they are pretty darn delicious! But how many different types of apples have you seen before? When you make your way to the grocery store or the farmer’s market, you’ve probably only seen the likes of red and green apples. However, it seems as though there are even more varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes. Yes, there are more apples in the world than we can count, and these $7 black apples have recently taken the world by the storm. The only problem is that most farmers are refusing to grow them, and for a good reason…

An apple a day

When was the last time you ate an apple? You probably don’t need to think back too far, because apples are a staple fruit in our society. You can find them in every grocery store, you can pick them straight off the tree, and you can even mix them into pies, cakes, pastries, and more.

The world may be our oyster, but the world is also our apple – and we certainly take advantage of this. However, there’s a high chance that you’ve only really experienced the taste of red or green apples. These are the most common apples in existence, and they can normally be found anywhere in the world. But what if someone offered you the chance to eat a $7 black apple?

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